Juliet moved from Leicestershire to Norfolk 7 years ago and is a business-owner and creator. Having worked as a PA and project co-ordinator for 25 years, she recently decided to change career and train to be a Forrest Yoga teacher as a result of her love for the practice and her quest to learn how to relieve the pain from her own injuries and stresses.  She is also a qualified and insured Aromatherapist, having qualified in 1998.
“Yoga found me 6 years ago. At the time, I was high on fitness and trained 6 days a week including running, cycling and high-impact fitness classes. I thought I’d been lucky and had avoided injury until I reached 40 years old. A running accident resulted in a twisted and tilted pelvis which gave me lower back, hip pain and sciatica. A weights class gave me a neck injury which resulted in constant pain and regular migraines. At a similar time, I began fertility treatment – this intrusive treatment, along with my addiction for high-impact training, meant I had to take my foot off the accelerator and start to listen to my body. My body was telling me to slow down and look after myself. Yoga taught me to breathe again and take quality time out for me. Forrest Yoga, specifically, taught me the poses to manage my own pain and injuries. 

It has changed my life; so much so, that I want to share it with others and help them to heal.”

- Juliet Allen
Juliet is passionate about life and has an energy which makes people feel they are coming home. At 44, she has great life experience and people put their trust in her. She is humble and open-hearted, loves a challenge and does not give in to a challenge. Along with her enthusiasm and resilience, she still respects and understands the importance of self-development and continued learning. Juliet has good intentions with the delivery of her yoga practice and truly believes that yoga is for all.

Juliet trained as an Aromatherapist in 1998 and offers this therapy treatment from her home in Swanton Morley or mobile (female only).  She also works as a part-time Procurement Consultant in the offshore wind industry.  
My future development and training

Being a Forrest Yoga teacher means that I constantly strive to learn more, deepen my own practice and develop my teaching and assisting skills.  

I am currently working torwards my Level 2 accreditation which involves extensive reading and research, attending 40 additional yoga classes and giving 15 free hours of yoga teaching to a local charity (or charities).  I am currently attending the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Programme with Forrest Yoga Mentor and Guardian, Sandra Heider..

Yoga and aromatherapy massage work in beautiful synchronicity with each other.  
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